WARNING: Revisions ahead!


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Mister Revision.

I hate that guy. Like his identical twins — edit, rewrite, and tweak — he wastes my time and keeps me from doing the things I want to do.

Sadly, as you all likely know, revision is a fundamental aspect of writing. If there is such a thing as a writing prodigy, I’m clearly not one of them and, while I have no statistics,  I doubt there are many writers who are.

So this “revision” thing is a necessity. Fine. But how do you do it without getting trapped in Revision Hell (ie being stuck in a never-ending revision process)?

There are MANY articles online that have suggestions on how to keep from straying into the bad lands — but I wish to focus on one particular area that has come up in my writers group several times:

When should revisions start?

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EDITING: What words should be cut?


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Editing is not my favorite thing to do. But unlike a writing prodigy, I have learned my first drafts are just not good enough for general consumption (and has led to indigestion by those who dare try).

As part of my editing checklist, I have created a listing of phrases or words to seek out (and possibly destroy) in order to tighten up my prose and, hopefully, make my drivel somewhat tolerable.

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